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Spin-For-The-Facts Card Game Instruction

Spin-For-The-Facts Game

Enjoy this fun card game while learning facts about Animals, 

Science, Space, the Body, the Ocean, and the Earth!

Game Contents

138 total game cards: 90 Endangered Animal cards (3 sets of 30), 36 Fact cards (6 different domains featuring 6 cards for each), 12 Wild cards (3 sets of 4: Spin, Double Spin, Shuffle, Skip)

1 spinner wheel

Directions for Play

  1. Separate Fact cards into stacks by domain to be drawn from the top.
  2. Shuffle or mix up the remaining cards.
  3. Deal a total of 6 cards per player.
  4. Turn over 1 card from the deck to start.
  5. Youngest player goes first and discards 1 card from their hand.
  6. If the discarded card matches the turned-over card, player gets to spin the wheel.
  7. Follow the instructions on the space of the wheel where the spinner lands and choose a card from the Fact card stack.
  8. If a Wild card is played, follow that card’s instructions: Spin=spin the wheel, Double Spin=spin wheel twice, Shuffle=the deck , Skip=next player in line must skip their turn. 
  9. Keep track of Fact card points. If the spinner of the wheel lands on a domain that has run out of cards, and no player has 50 points yet, the player must spin again to land on a different domain.

Winner is the first player to earn 50 points!

Note: Draw the card from deck after discard.

         Shuffle  the  deck of unplayed cards.