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About Us

Who Are We and What Do We Do?
  •  We are a company founded by MOTHERS.
  •  @ Cognisprings, we design and sell children’s puzzles, activity kits, board games, books, and many more items to encourage learning, play, and togetherness.

What Is Our Story?
Cognisprings began with Ramya who immigrated to the U.S. decade ago, and received her master’s degree in Computer Science in CA. She works as a senior software engineer in CA. Ramya immensely enjoys being part of the development of user-friendly, process-driven software applications.

With the onset of the pandemic, like many working mothers, Ramya struggled to engage her son in meaningful screen-free time and activity. In addition, she noticed as her son grew from infancy to toddlerhood that many of the products available for children’s entertainment are saturated with white label markers and repetition of ABCs, 123s and Cartoon Characters—an indication of less direct parental input regarding the items kids are using for play.
Ramya’s sister, Soumya, also a working mother of two children, agreed with this assessment. With her sister’s valuable input, Ramya decided to develop products for children that she and her sister wished were available for their own kids. Cognisprings was developed as Ramya’s mission to design educational and entertaining products for children that parents can feel good about as well. 
Ramya has volunteered with non-profit organizations and has loved living in this beach community for the past seven years with her husband and now 6-year-old son. 

Why Choose Us?

 Each product carried by Cognisprings has a story behind it that has evolved out of direct interactions with our kids ( read blogs behind each story). Our mission is to provide items that are simple, educationally balanced with longevity for play, made with minimum plastic and sustainable, quality materials.

What Does This Mean to You?

  • As a parent-founded company, we deeply understand the challenges of raising children in a digital world. That’s why we build toys that tap into children’s innate curiosity about the world around them, sparking their love of learning – and reminding them early that there’s much to see and do beyond tiny screens. And because we create activities that we know our own kids would love, we make sure that we build toys that will leave them a better future as well. Sustainability is a top priority of Cognisprings, with a focus on quality materials, biodegradable packaging, and creative toys that will last, so they can serve many generations to come. 
  • Every item we carry is thoughtfully designed and stringently tested. Cognisprings encourages kids to explore the world around them by creating educational toys that make every-day life exciting. Whether it’s art, science, or simple things like food or traffic signs, little minds stay engaged and entertained by relating Cognisprings puzzles and games to what is present in their own environment.

Get a glimpse: 

Our Commitments 

Thoughtful Design  |  Meaningful Screen-Free Time | Sustainability | Quality 

Our Approach
      We believe in the importance of introducing STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to make lives better. We also know that this can only be achieved by incorporating subjects in the arts and humanities, observing and understanding human emotions, noticing every-day things, and then applying STEM to create a better future.
Our Crew
    Many of our upcoming products are illustrated by well-loved children's book illustrator Ry Menson. Our blogs and stories are communicated by Carrie Hollister, professional writer. Our social media coordinator Sireesha Kona. 
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