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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids


January can feel like a long, boring month to children after the excitement of the October, November, and December holidays. That’s why the arrival of Valentine’s Day on February 14th can seem like a bright spot in the winter weeks after the New Year, giving everyone something to celebrate. Though most parents don’t think of their child as a Valentine in the strictest sense, the ultimate intention of this “holiday” is to make an expression or gesture to those we love, letting them know that they are appreciated and special.

Of course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to shower your kids with presents to prove how much you love them. Instead, this day is an opportunity to find thoughtful and creative gifts and ways to let your children know how much they mean to you. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids to show your love.

Material Gifts

Like almost everything else, Valentine’s Day has become very commercial. Most stores have multiple red and pink displays, and sometimes entire aisles, full of candy, cards, flowers, decorations, and other “love”-related items for sale.

This can build up some pretty high expectations for children as far as what people give and receive on February 14th. Parents can use this as an opportunity to talk to their children about gift giving, and to especially reinforce that the size, number, and/or expense of gifts is not a direct reflection of the amount of the giver’s love. This context will help your child in the future, so that they learn to not equate receiving gifts with receiving love. To reinforce this idea, parents can purchase a small gift or two as Valentines to give to their kids, but they should also be sure to demonstrate their love through other ways such as giving hugs and genuine compliments, as well as their time and attention.

Here are some ideas for small “material” gifts to express your love for your child and brighten their Valentine’s Day:

  • Reading book(s)
  • New crayons, coloring book, and/or other art supplies
  • Stuffed animal or plush toy
  • Puzzle
  • Small toy, doll, Lego set, etc.
  • Board game
  • Cuddly blanket
  • Music box

Candy is often associated with Valentine’s Day, so that is another option for a material gift. However, it’s best to limit this choice to a small-sized box or bag (and perhaps include a fun, new toothbrush as well).

Experiential Gifts

For parents who want to forego material Valentine’s Day gifts or add something to them, experiential gifts are an excellent option. This means giving your child an “experience” as a gift rather than something material. Experiential gifts allow for greater participation among family members, the creation of meaningful memories, and even fun opportunities to learn together.

It’s important to keep in mind your child’s age, attention span, and preferences when choosing to give an experience as a gift. For example, if your child feels more comfortable at home than in public, plan something special to do while staying in. If you have multiple children, you can choose an individual experience for each one to make them feel loved and special or you can come to an agreement on something that everyone in the family would enjoy doing together.

Here are some ideas for “experiential” gifts to make Valentine’s Day special for your kids:

  • Cook their favorite meal and/or dessert (and allow kids to help in age-appropriate ways)
  • Organize a family game or movie night
  • Plan a fun outing such as going to a children’s museum, having a picnic in the park, visiting a zoo, etc.
  • Have a family “art” afternoon in which everyone creates a painting, drawing, collage, etc., to hang up in the house
  • Dress up and go out for dinner to a kid-friendly restaurant (if your children are comfortable with this situation)
  • Do your child’s chores on February 14th so they can relax
  • Attend a local play or concert that is kid-friendly

Creating a fun and meaningful experience as a Valentine’s Day gift can become an annual tradition for your family and an opportunity for everyone to take part in presenting ideas and organizing activities.

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to do something for your child that makes them feel loved and appreciated. Ideally, February 14th can be a reminder to show your children how much you love them every day throughout the year, in small but meaningful ways.

One of the best ways to express your love to your children and as a family on Valentine’s Day and any other day is to spend time together learning and having fun. At Cognisprings, we support parents looking for educational toys that encourage the overall growth and development of children. That’s why we provide games, books, and puzzles that are thoughtfully designed and unique to enhance children’s critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

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