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Snakes and Ladders Board Game

 As working mothers, my sister and I cherish the time we spend talking and playing with our children. Though their questions can be repetitive and seem endless at times, we have learned the importance of not only providing answers but also helping our kids continue to pursue more knowledge. Of course, online searches can offer quick explanations, definitions, and information. However, there is no substitute for engaging in a thoughtful discussion or imaginative game with your child that will lead to building a stronger relationship and wonderful memories.

 That’s why I decided to develop valuable games and activities that don’t require screens but are based in real-world experiences and address the natural curiosity and questions of kids. Children love to be occupied through learning, togetherness, and fun. I know, as a mother, that I want to provide toys, games, and experiences for others that I enjoy playing with my own son.


Our goals are to design toys and products that are valuable to both children and their caregivers. We strive to:

  • engage children in real-world experiences to give them screen-free time
  • create a balance between fun, learning, and developing skills
  • feature simple toy designs to encourage independent play and exploration
  • promote eco-friendly packaging with as little plastic as possible for sustainability
  • produce toys that are portable and thoughtful gift options


Our inspirational designs at Cognisprings have resulted in books, puzzles, activity kits, and fun games!


Idea for the Snakes and Ladders Weather Board Game

On a partly cloudy day, my son asked, “Mommy, can we go biking?” I replied to him, “It’s cloudy right now, so let’s go a little later after it clears up.” As a four-year-old who is bombarded with new words every day, he asked me, “Cloudy?”

As I explained to him what cloudy meant, it developed into explanations and descriptions of weather conditions. This gave me the opportunity to shed light on everyday words that we use to describe the weather. Though adults may only think about weather in terms of appropriate attire and outdoor activities, children have a natural curiosity about all facets of weather and what causes it to change.

I considered the impact of weather on our family activities and how lovely it is to be out on nice days or how we are confined to the house on bad weather days. This is how the Snakes and Ladders Weather Board Game evolved in my mind. Most parents remember playing Snakes and Ladders (in some areas known as Chutes and Ladders) as children; and just like Snakes and Ladders, our everyday weather has its ups and downs.

This version of the traditional board game is not only great fun for kids to play, but it teaches vocabulary words, the cycles of weather, and how we often base our daily activities on how the weather will affect us. Children can use this foundational knowledge to later understand the water cycle, changes in season, conserving natural resources, and the way ecosystems are affected by weather and human behavior.

Elements of the Snakes and Ladders Weather Board Game

We have carefully and thoughtfully chosen each element of the Snakes and Ladders Weather Board Game. As with all our products, it is our priority to minimize the amount of plastic we use as much as we can. That’s why cardboard is used as the base for the game’s characters rather than plastic.

We designed the wooden die to be larger than the average 30 mm, so it’s just right for tiny little hands. In addition, we kept in mind common issues that kids face when playing with existing board games on the market such as characters slipping out of their bases. Instead of a mono-colored base for the board, we chose contrasting colors for the base. This allows for better visibility and creates less confusion for kids when playing.

Like our other products, the Snakes and Ladders Board Game comes with a thick, durable legend for learning about different types of weather. This is an excellent tool for parents to teach their children vocabulary associated with weather and help them identify patterns in their world.

At Cognisprings, our commitment is providing toys that are educational, safe, and fun for children. We advocate and utilize materials that are sustainable for the environment as well. Since our company is founded by mothers, the toys we sell are designed with the enjoyment of our own kids in mind. We encourage children to explore the world and experience life without digital screens. The Snakes and Ladders Board Game is fun to play for the whole family, promoting cognitive development and language acquisition while engaging each child’s imagination and awareness of weather.