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Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Celebration in the Park


These days, there is almost an overwhelming number of options and venues for hosting a kid’s birthday party—many of which can be quite expensive and over-stimulating. Celebrating your child’s birthday in the park is not only cost-effective, but also a low-stress environment for your family and party guests to have fun and enjoy a memorable day.

Getting Started

Most public parks don’t require reservations or fees for hosting a kid’s birthday celebration, but it’s essential to confirm this with your community parks’ department. It’s also important to familiarize yourself, well before the party, with the layout of the park and its amenities, such as park maintenance, restrooms, tables, enclosures, areas that provide shade or shelter, etc.

Checking in with any park staff before scheduling the party will allow you to prepare, ask questions, and gain an overall sense of the appropriateness of the venue.

Birthday Planning

No matter what age your child is turning, be sure to allow them to participate in planning their celebration at the park (unless the party is a surprise). This may include letting them choose a party “theme,” invitations, snacks and/or cake, party favors, and so on. Even if your birthday kid has a different vision for their party than you expect or prefer, remember that it’s their special day.

Games and Activities

One of the perks of celebrating your child’s birthday in the park is the variety of games and activities they can enjoy with their guests. A park environment allows for kids to play independently, in small groups, and together as a whole. This encourages a level of participation that each child is comfortable with and provides multiple options for fun.

Here are some ideas for birthday games and activities in the park:

  • Bubble blowers, wands, etc.
  • Balls of various sizes for catch
  • Freeze dance party (dancing while music is playing and then “freezing” when music stops)
  • Red light / green light
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Duck-duck-goose
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Animal charades
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Hide and seek
  • Simon says

Many of these suggestions may seem “old school” or even out of date to today’s parents. However, introducing them to your child and their friends may provide them with new experiences that require only their imagination and sense of fun.

Of course, many parks have playgrounds with equipment such as swings, slides, etc. If the birthday kid and their friends prefer to make up their own fun and games or just run around and play, that’s fine as well.

Birthday Traditions

A party in the park may lead you to come up with creative solutions for typical birthday traditions that are more conducive to indoor gatherings. For example, serving traditional birthday cake with candles and ice cream may be more cumbersome outdoors, especially if the weather is warm and/or windy. Birthday cupcakes or cookies may be a more practical idea in this case.

Other traditions, such as wearing a formal birthday outfit for your child may need to be adjusted as well for more freedom to run and play in a park setting. Since a park environment is less constrained than other venues, consider a more relaxed approach to this type of birthday celebration rather than having an organized, scheduled activity for every minute. Children have innate abilities for imaginative play and allowing them this freedom is healthy—and probably a refreshing change!


The safety of your party guests shouldn’t cause you undue stress, but it does need to be a consideration in a park environment. Ensure that you have plenty of water for your child and their friends, especially if the weather is warm. It’s also advisable to have a first aid kit on hand in addition to a few towels or a blanket, just in case. Here are some other safety suggestions:

Contact Information

It’s important to get each party guest’s parental/guardian contact information, just in case, as they are dropped off at the party. This is essential for an emergency situation, but also in case a child feels unwell or wants to go home early.


Kids are known to scatter in a park environment. Therefore, it’s important to have plenty of grown-up supervision to ensure that the party guests remain accounted for and safe. Parents shouldn’t assume that each guest’s guardian will stay for the celebration, so it’s wise to enlist the help of friends and/or family members.

Another option for supervision is to hire one or more reputable and responsible teenagers or babysitters to watch the children and even shepherd them through the party events. This strategy can save you some energy and allow you to enjoy your child’s special day with less stress.

Ground Rules

Ideally, your child and their friends will have so much fun at the park that they won’t stray or exhibit any negative behaviors. However, to ensure that you have some authority, if needed, let them know a “secret” word or sound to listen for that means everyone comes back to “party central” where you are set up. That way, if you need to corral the group, you can shout a funny word, clap out a rhythm, or blow a whistle to get their attention for any reminders, activities, singing “Happy Birthday,” etc.

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