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Idea of Road Sign Puzzle

Creation of the Road Sign Puzzle

 Motherhood can often feel like trying to navigate a winding road with very few road signs. This is especially true when it comes to finding fun and educational toys to stimulate your child’s imagination and keep them engaged without turning to digital screens.

 My son has gravitated toward putting puzzles together since he was a toddler. The process of solving a puzzle is rewarding in itself. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to develop cognitive and motor skills, in addition to helping kids learn about the world in which they live.

 Our mother-developed products are not just designed with kids in mind, but with parents as well. Our puzzles in particular can encourage independent play and learning for children in addition to providing fun and memorable experiences for families. They can inspire questions, discussions, and laughter as parents and their kids navigate the road to growing up.

 We are committed to designing toys that are valuable to both children and their family members by:

  • engaging children in screen-free time
  • creating a healthy balance between fun and learning
  • featuring simple toy designs to encourage independent play and imagination
  • promoting eco-friendly packaging with as little plastic as possible
  • producing toys that are portable and welcome as gift options

 Our engaging designs at Cognisprings have resulted in activity kits, games, books, and unique puzzles!

 Idea for the Road Sign Puzzle

 Since my son developed a love for puzzles, I have grown fond of them as well. Unfortunately, the subjects of most puzzles marketed for children are based on characters or scenes from popular television shows or movies. In a way, this reinforces the importance of screen time to children, since part of the fun of these typical puzzles is recognizing the media material being portrayed. I recognized that puzzles are a great opportunity to teach kids so much more and still be a fun experience.

 In addition to puzzles, my son and I also love taking neighborhood walks on beautiful evenings. We take note of the birds flocking to their homes, the nice sea breeze, the sound of wind chimes, and the orange sun that is ready to set. Even a simple greeting from other neighborhood walkers is a blessing.

 It occurred to me that these walks were also an opportunity to teach my son about safety essentials, such as learning road signs to instill an early sense of traffic rules. This resulted in the birth of the Road Sign Puzzle! After playing with this puzzle, my little boy has learned to recognize various road signs, and he enjoys sharing their meaning with me by saying things like, “Mama! Look, speed limit 10!”

 Children are exposed to many things in their daily lives that they don’t quite understand, which can make the world seem overwhelming. The Road Sign Puzzle is a unique way to help kids understand what different signs mean and how traffic works. Even if your child is not at reading level, they can identify the shapes and colors of road signs in addition to some letters and numbers. Not only is the puzzle fun to put together, but children can use the legend to “teach” their toy cars and trucks how to obey the different signs. There are endless options for playing with this puzzle, and none of them are associated with digital screens and media!

 Puzzle Quality

 There are numerous puzzles marketed to children that don’t offer the degree of quality as that of the Road Sign Puzzle. This puzzle is carefully and thoughtfully designed to present a fun level of challenge and skill mastery for young kids. This 64-piece puzzle features a clear border so children can learn critical thinking strategies such as sorting and putting together the border pieces first. As children complete the entire puzzle, they feel an instant reward of completion and are ready to solve it again.

 The Road Sign Puzzle comes with pieces that are 2.5mm thick, just perfect for tiny hands to grip and manipulate into place. In addition, the puzzle features a thick and durable legend so kids can study how to solve the puzzle and learn road signs as well. Our puzzles are stored in sturdy boxes, meaning they are portable and make great gifts for friends and family.

At Cognisprings, our mission is to create toys that are as fun as they are educational. We prioritize safe products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Our company is founded by mothers, so we design and sell toys that we know our own kids will enjoy as well as other children. These products encourage kids to explore the world without digital screens and pursue their natural curiosity. The Road Sign Puzzle allows kids the reward of successful critical thinking and perseverance, in addition to learning more about the neighborhood and world around them.