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Write and wipe activity kit

Creation of the LESA Activity Kit

 As working mothers, especially with the complications created by Coronavirus, my sister and I have recognized the growing inclination among parents to allow more screen time to keep their children occupied. Though the reliance on digital entertainment is certainly understandable, like most parents, I would much rather my child be occupied in an engaging activity than a passive video program.

 That’s why I decided to develop valuable products and activity kits that don’t require screens but can still keep children occupied through learning and fun. I know, as a mother, that I want to provide toys for others that I would be proud and happy for my own child to play with.

 Our goals are to design toys that are valuable to both children and their caregivers. We strive to:

  • engage children in screen-free time
  • create a balance between fun and learning
  • feature simple toy designs to encourage independent play
  • promote eco-friendly packaging with as little plastic as possible
  • produce toys that are portable and excellent options as gifts

 Our inspirational designs at Cognisprings have resulted in games, books, puzzles, and terrific activity kits!

 Idea for the LESA Activity Kit

 When I consider ideas for children, I like to prioritize engaging activities that can be used for every day play as well as during travel. The “write and wipe” sheets that form the basis of the LESA activity kit are perfect for kids at home and on the go. The LESA kit is entertaining and educational for a wide range of ages and abilities, and it encourages focused independent play, so children develop and enhance their critical thinking and expression skills.

 Much of the marketing for educational toys in the past decade has been related to “STEM” subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While learning those subjects is important, they tend to exclude methods that foster creativity and other elements of the humanities. Therefore, the theory behind this activity kit is “LESA” which stands for: Life, Energy, Space, and Art. These subjects are unrestricted and valuable in their appeal to the imagination and interest of children:


  • Life is fundamental to understanding ourselves, our relationships with others, and the world in which we live. The “Life” sheet in this activity kit helps children explore and learn about the life cycle, food sources for living organisms, the human body, and the importance of trees.
  • Energy is necessary for the capacity of life. The “Energy” sheet features fun and easy to understand activities for children to learn about different forms of energy that are needed for life to run as well as electricity, wind energy, and solar power.
  • Space is essential for the future of humankind and for children to imagine and dream without limits. The “Space” sheet includes activities about sending rockets to other planets, making connections to see constellations, and phases of the moon.
  • Art is what separates us as humans and adds color to human life. Children who are encouraged to express themselves and their ideas through art develop multiple skills, from fine motor movement to empathy. The “Art” sheet can be colored and is magnetic so that kids can display their work on the fridge for the family to see.

 The LESA activity kit reaches a healthy balance of entertainment and learning for children and allows them to explore their imagination and understanding without the presence of digital media.

 Contents of the LESA Activity Kit

 In the LESA Activity Kit, we have provided contents for kids to explore and learn about Life, Energy, Space, and Art. This engaging kit features 13 repeatable activities, 1 magnetic sheet, 3 dry erase markers, and one eraser. The fun and educational activities provided are as follows:

  • Life: Life Cycle Maze, Feed Living Organism, Human Body, Trees Are the Root of All Life
  • Energy: Energy—Needed to Run, Electricity, Wind Energy—I’m a Big Fan, Solar-Sun Power
  • Space: Send Me To…, Connect to See Constellations, Color the Phases of the Moon
  • Art: Color It, Be Creative

Like all of our products, the activities in the LESA kit are carefully and thoughtfully designed. The kit comes in a biodegradable, plastic-free box with a cotton rope, making it portable and great for traveling. The markers feature primary colors with a magnetic holder and eraser, including a bonus eraser.

The activity sheets are made from quality, antistatic-HD coated film, which means no static and no ink bloating. This allows for the right amount of friction for writing and no “peel-offs” while erasing. Each sheet is 0.5mm thick, making the writing and coloring experience even better than regular paper due to the sheet’s firmness. These sheets are durable enough to sustain the way kids write, color, and erase, so they can continue their fun over and over.

At Cognisprings, we are committed to providing toys that are educational, safe, and fun for children and sustainable for the environment. Since our company is founded by mothers, we design and sell toys that we know our own kids will enjoy, to encourage them to explore the world without digital screens. The LESA Activity Kit inspires the natural curiosity of children while supporting their cognitive and physical development, allowing them to imagine and build a brighter future in which to grow.