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Idea behind Race-To-Space

Creation of the Race-To-Space Board Game


Children have an intrinsic love for exploration, whether through tangible investigations into their own environment or through their imagination of worlds beyond their own. Space represents the ultimate realm for exploration in its intriguing vastness that stimulates a child’s imagination and natural curiosity.


My own son is intrigued by all aspects of space, including planets and scientific exploration. This led me to develop a game about space to provide the opportunity for children and their families to use critical thinking and cognitive skills to achieve success in a “race to space.” Like all of our products, this game is played without the use of any screens to allow for building memories and enhancing interpersonal skills and relationships.


Our mother-developed products are created with the entire family in mind, so that children and parents can engage in exciting and worthwhile activities. Our games are specifically designed to encourage togetherness, fun, and shared learning experiences.


We are committed to thoughtfully creating toys and other products for children that offer opportunities for family fun and togetherness as well as stimulating imagination through:

  • encouraging curiosity with screen-free play time
  • creating an age-appropriate balance between fun and critical thinking
  • featuring engaging product designs for independent play and learning
  • offering uniquely eco-friendly packaging that incorporates as little plastic as possible
  • producing activities that are portable and excellent gift options for friends and family


Our engaging and unique designs at Cognisprings have produced a variety of puzzles, activity kits, books, and exciting board games!


Idea for the Race-to-Space Board Game


Like many children, my son loves to study the sky and imagine what it would be like to go to outer space. As a mother, I enjoy the look of wonder on my son’s face when he pretends to fly a rocket ship and visit other planets such as Mars.


Mars has always been a source of fascination and interest to children and adults. Understanding this “red” planet and knowing whether it has ever supported life gets closer each day as exploration of Mars advances. In fact, NASA anticipates that humans will be able to nearly approach the surface of Mars within a decade or so. Therefore, I decided to combine my son’s fascination with space and the importance of critical thinking to create an exciting game that reflects and simulates an exploration of Mars.


This led me to the idea for the Race-to-Space Board Game. This unique and challenging board game is designed to help players learn about space and strategize reaching the surface of Mars as explorers. Both children and adults will enjoy the excitement and strategies involved with this game and be inspired to learn more about the science of space exploration!

Why Choose Race-to-Space for Family Fun?


There are many reasons to choose this exciting board game for your children and the whole family. Players will learn about exploring Mars while playing this uniquely designed game to develop critical thinking and imaginative strategy.  


Board games are a valuable activity for children, especially as an alternative for families who are inundated with ever-present digital media and screen time that encourages passive learning. When children play board games, they learn the patience and perseverance that comes with starting something and seeing it to its finish. These games also teach the importance of taking turns and provide an opportunity for kids to learn how to be gracious when faced with losing.


The Race-to-Space board game comes with a thick, durable game board and legend for learning about Mars and instructions for game play. Our thoughtfully designed game pieces are in the form of plastic-free wood pawns, and the 30mm wooden die is just right for tiny hands. Like all our games, activities, and other products, Race-to-Space comes in an eco-friendly, recyclable package and is ideal for gift-giving when it comes to family and friends.

At Cognisprings, our mission is to create toys and products that reflect a healthy balance between learning and fun play time. Our goal is to provide safe, educational products for children and their families that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Our company is founded by mothers, with the intent to design and sell thoughtful items that we know our own kids will enjoy as well as other children. These products encourage kids to explore the world around them, pursue their natural curiosity, and indulge their imagination rather than spending time in front of a digital screen. The Race-to-Space board game allows kids the unique opportunity to learn about exploring Mars as well as game-playing strategies and critical thinking—all while enjoying the fun of an exciting board game.