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Family Activities with Kids on Easter

Easter Family Activities

The Easter holiday is associated with many traditions and celebrations, from chocolate bunnies to Easter lilies. Easter can be especially enjoyable for kids, as it often coincides with a break from school, signs of spring, and more daylight for outdoor play. In addition, Easter is a holiday that the whole family can enjoy, no matter your age, location, or faith.

Here are some family activities that you can do with your kids on Easter and during the wonderful spring season.

Traditional Easter Activities

There are many traditional Easter activities that are fun for the whole family. Some are strictly secular, meaning that they are not specifically based in religion or spirituality, whereas others are faith-based. Whether you decide to limit your traditions to a visit from the Easter bunny and a celebration of springtime, or if you wish to participate in Christian holiday worship, Easter is a special time of renewal and joy.

Here are just some traditional Easter activities for families:

  • Painting/dyeing/decorating eggs (hard-boiled)
  • Attending a community Easter egg hunt and/or having one at home
  • Making and/or decorating an Easter basket
  • Going out for brunch (or making a special brunch at home)
  • Visiting a children’s petting farm to see lambs, bunnies, chicks, etc.
  • Gathering flowers and/or displaying lilies
  • Dressing up for religious services, photos, family gathering, etc.

Additional Easter Activities

Thankfully, you don’t have to limit your family activities to traditional Easter trends. Springtime offers plenty of opportunities for you and your kids to showcase your creativity and begin new Easter traditions to appreciate year after year.

Here are some ideas for additional Easter activities to do with your kids that everyone will enjoy.

  • Planting flowers and/or a vegetable garden
  • Taking a trip to the library for books about spring, Easter, or even rabbits
  • Making Easter or “welcome spring” cards for neighbors or extended family members
  • Displaying a family art “garden” to celebrate spring (each person can draw or paint their favorite flower)
  • Planning a family walk and noticing signs of spring
  • Having a family picnic to enjoy sunshine and the outdoors
  • Enjoying a “bunny” snack of carrots and celery
  • Playing a family game of hopscotch or jump-rope
  • Setting up family photos with different poses and props
  • Learning about bird watching and setting up a birdbath or bird feeder

Rewarding Family Activities

One way to channel the springtime energy of your kids and put it to good use is to choose a rewarding family project. This is an excellent chance to create memories and genuine connections among all family members, stepping away from digital devices and encouraging mindfulness as well.

Here are just some examples of rewarding family activities to pursue on Easter and throughout the spring season.

Spring into Action

Nice weather and longer days can be excellent motivators for families to become more active together. One way to accomplish this is to make activity itself a family project. This can include scheduling time each weekend or on certain evenings each week to do a physical activity together. It can be as simple as a family walk, bike ride, or game of catch. Depending on where you live and your kids’ interests, you may even suggest kite-flying (on windy days), swimming at a community pool, mini-golf, participating in a volunteer neighborhood clean-up, or even bowling.

No matter what type of fun you decide to pursue, the key is spending time together while reaping the benefits of healthy activity. This may feel especially rewarding after a long winter and spending a lot of time indoors. In addition, regular physical activity establishes a foundation for long-term healthy choices and behavior patterns.

Spring Cleaning

Most people devote a little bit of their springtime to projects that involve cleaning or decluttering--and when this turns out to be an activity for the whole family, it won’t seem like a chore. Even the littlest family member can help with sorting or putting things away. If you decide to focus on cleaning, you can choose a room or area of the house and assign each person an easy, age-appropriate goal such as dusting, sweeping, etc. To make the time and work enjoyable, consider playing cheerful music in the background and even having a family pizza or movie night to celebrate and relax at the end of the day.

If you decide to declutter, choose a simple theme such as winter clothes, outgrown toys, extra art/school supplies, etc. Allow each family to have their own donation box (kids can even decorate theirs) and fill it with gently used items that can be passed along to someone else. Not only will your donations be beneficial to others, but your home will have less clutter.

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Our products allow children to channel their energy and express themselves as growing individuals and as members of larger groups such as their family, culture, etc. This fosters empathy, self-awareness, and an appreciation of others. It’s more important than ever for families to spend time together and learn with each other. This creates lasting memories by prioritizing excellent options for screen-free fun, healthy cognitive development, curiosity, and learning. We wish you a happy Easter and joyous spring season!