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Creation of Unique Self Correcting puzzles - Goes To Scenario Puzzle

Self Correcting Puzzles


As working parents, my sister and I value bedtime routines, including reading stories to our children. This gives a sense of togetherness, calm, and exploration at the end of the day. Though there are many options for story-time that involve the use of digital screens and media, it’s far more effective to engage kids in traditional story books. This allows them to see the actual pages with words and illustrations—something that is difficult to capture with a screen.

That’s why I decided to develop valuable products, books, and puzzles that don’t require screens. Kids enjoy staying occupied with activities that are fun and help them learn. As a mother, I want to provide toys for others that I would be proud and happy for my own child to play with. Our products encourage the natural curiosity of children while supporting their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. This allows them to imagine and build a brighter future in which to grow.

Our goals are to design toys and products that are valuable to both children and their caregivers. We strive to:

  • engage children in screen-free time and encourage a love of reading
  • create a balance between fun, learning, critical thinking, and puzzle-solving
  • feature simple ideas and designs to encourage independent play
  • promote sustainable packaging with as little plastic as possible
  • produce toys that are portable and excellent gift options for family and friends


Our inspirational designs at Cognisprings have resulted in innovative and unique books, puzzles, games, and activity kits!


Idea for the “Goes To” Scenario Puzzle


Reading books is important at all ages because it helps us develop our thoughts, provides endless knowledge and lessons, and keeps our minds active. Even when children at an age in which they are able to read on their own, it’s still a wonderful form of togetherness to read to kids when putting them to sleep. This is not only a great time to bond with them, but it’s also an opportunity each day for them to communicate their thoughts and perceptions to parents.


Parents may view bedtime reading as a passive activity in which children listen as they grow sleepy. However, these periods of reading can become active and dynamic as parents have dialogues with their children about the story, characters, and more.


It was while I was reading some very popular books to my son that I was struck by an idea. Why don’t I let him imagine and communicate his own version of a scene in the story? This is how the “Goes To” Scenario Puzzle began. It’s a unique opportunity for kids and parents to expand their imaginations and communicate their own understanding of how a story can be different.


This scenario puzzle offers many benefits, including simple reading, imagination, pattern finding, and puzzle-solving. It opens up possibilities for stories that go beyond a linear beginning, middle, and end offered by traditional books.


How the “Goes To” Scenario Puzzle Works


“Goes To” is a unique blend of simple reading, imagination, and puzzle-solving activities. The premise is to follow a boy named Elon as he goes to different places in three scenarios. The three scenarios are: 1) supermarket, 2) school, 3) hospital.


The box comes with a total of 54 puzzle pieces. These pieces can be used to create 18 unique puzzles that illustrate the steps for three different scenarios. Each illustration is divided into three puzzle pieces, and here’s how it works:


  • Step 1: Choose a scenario you would like to put together or solve.
  • Step 2: For your chosen scenario, read the step sequence from the corresponding scenario list on page 2.
  • Step 3: Begin putting the six different puzzles together for that scenario.
  • Step 4: Look at each completed puzzle illustration and put them in order of correct sequence. **Find the answers on Pages 4-12!

To keep this unique reading puzzle simple and enjoyable for early readers, we chose simple sentences for the stories. We also carefully selected the dress colors for the boy character, Elon. Kids are encouraged to find patterns and rewarded when they do.

Like our other puzzles, each piece is 2.5mm thick. In addition, they are “self-correcting” puzzles, meaning that no two puzzle pieces have the same die-cut.

At Cognisprings, we are committed to providing innovative and unique toy products that are educational, safe, and fun for children. We ensure that our products are also sustainable for the environment. Our company is founded by mothers; therefore, we design and sell toys that we know our own kids will enjoy. Our goal is to encourage children to explore the world without relying on digital screens. The “Goes To” Scenario Puzzle inspires kids to use critical thinking skills as well as expand their imagination, all while enjoying reading and puzzle-solving.