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Benefits of Hiking with Kids During Spring

Kids hiking with parents during spring


In most geographical areas, springtime is a signal to enjoy being outside—especially for those who have experienced a long winter of snow and cold temperatures. One of the best aspects of this season is the opportunity to go hiking as a family. There’s no need to worry if you don’t live somewhere mountainous or if you are inexperienced in taking hikes. Even a long family walk in a new park can be counted as hiking, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of spring and the fun of being together while building physical strength, self-confidence, and new skills.

Being Outdoors

Of course, some of the most obvious benefits of hiking with kids during spring come from just being outdoors. Many parents worry about their children engaging in too much screen time or not getting enough exercise. Hiking is an excellent way for all family members to experience healthy recreation, away from digital devices.

In addition, hiking with kids during spring is an opportunity for them to notice the beauty and subtle changes in nature. Depending on the geographical area in which you are hiking, your child will have the chance to look at various plants, trees, flowers, wildlife, and more. This experience will enhance their appreciation of the environment and all the little things that make up the big world of nature.

Being outdoors is a full sensory experience, and is especially good for kids’ eyes and ears. When children spend many hours staring at screens and digital devices, they can develop nearsightedness quite early. Getting out and looking at natural colors in natural light, and from different distances and viewpoints, can help prevent eyesight problems. In addition, our modern world is full of noise “pollution,” from busy roads to electronic notifications and so on. In the outdoors, especially in hiking areas or near nature trails, there tends to be far less auditory noise. This allows children the chance to hear subtle sounds such as birds singing, insects humming, and even their own quiet footsteps.

Family Activity

As kids grow and develop, their interests tend to change frequently. This can make it difficult for families to find activities that everyone enjoys. Hiking, especially in the spring, is an activity that can be done at almost any age and physical development. Even little kids can enjoy running, walking, and climbing on a hiking path or nature trail.

Going for a hike is also an opportunity to invite extended family members to join, such as grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, if they live close enough. This allows you to make special memories with your loved ones and your children. Hiking in the spring may become somewhat of a family tradition and can always be followed by a picnic or outdoor gathering to catch up and stay connected.

Sense of Accomplishment

Going hiking as a family in spring can give each individual member a sense of accomplishment. This doesn’t mean that you have to reach the top of a high peak or hike for several hours. At its foundation, a family hike is an accomplishment in the sense of bringing everyone together to do an enjoyable activity away from screens and other distractions.

In addition, hiking can help children build new skills and self-confidence. There is a clear beginning and end, so they know they have finished something meaningful. Hiking also provides a chance to develop gross motor skills as well as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and observational skills.

Overall Safety

Some kids are natural risk takers and enjoy new challenges, whereas others are a bit more reluctant to try something new. That’s why practicing overall safety when hiking with your kids is essential, no matter how adventurous they are. This includes being prepared by knowing the area well, planning for inclement weather, and not undertaking a hike that is too difficult or strenuous for all family members to easily enjoy.

Other precautions to take for a family hike in the spring include:

  • Bring enough water to stay hydrated and portable snacks
  • Ensure everyone is wearing sunscreen, bug repellant, and proper clothing/shoes for protection
  • Carry a first aid kit, flashlight, and any other helpful safety items
  • Know and obey all rules and regulations in the area
  • Respect wildlife and other humans in terms of noise, litter, staying on designated paths, etc.

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